Competence 02/20 –
Röders article about bottle design

“A well-prepared briefing will speed up the process to an approved bottle drawing” is the headline of an article written by our Sales & Project Managers Steffen Lühning and Jani Rickert for the magazine comPETence.
They are discussing the essential requirements customers need to provide to let the Röders engineers start working on a feasible bottle design and to create the technical drawing they are looking for. In many cases, there are fruitful discussions between marketing and technical people to get an attractive, but also a functional bottle. To read the full article, please feel free to click here to download the PDF file:

Download Report Compe­tence / Röders — 158 kB

Röders lab sucessfully re-audited

Since July 2013 Röders blow mould division is validating and testing blown bottles for the global beverage player PepsiCo.
The in-house laboratory since then is an officially approved Pepsi laboratory with a multiplicity of bottle qualifications during the recent 5 years. Based on these results, PepsiCo decides if new developments or designs will make it to the shelfs of the supermarkets. During summer 2018, the Soltau based lab was successfully re-audited and now is qualified again until at least 2021. Customers of Röders appreciate the extensive testing in the performed by well-skilled employees – also in the case of light-weighting projects or arrangements for energy savings such as blowing air reduction. The Röders GmbH is happy about the extended certification and is looking forward to an ongoing successful collaboration with PepsiCo and other bottlers in the future.
For detailed information to cover the necessary steps of your bottle development projects, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Download Pepsico Laboratory Certi­fi­cation — 128 kB

Optimised Quick-Change-System –
considerable reduction in changing times

With just one turn of the Allen key, you can loosen the mould half-shell, remove it, insert the new one, and then tighten it again with another turn – all in a matter of seconds.
Initial experience from series production is now available: the system developed by Röders is fully compatible to existing mould types and can also be retrofitted. For details, please contact our Sales staff and also see our Video Rapid Mould Change.