Development and Design
According to the specific requirements of our clients,
we develop and design new bottles and containers.

According to the specific requirements of our clients, we develop and design new bottles and containers. The initial basis can be provided as sketches, logos, photos or others. Using special software, we transform these ideas into a distinctive bottle design. First of all, we prepare 3D views of the new bottle. If needed, 3D models can be generated within very short time.

Our customers value our absolute discretion and independence of other companies.

Independent Bottle Development
When totally new developments and state-of-the-art skills are needed, Röders is the partner of choice: experienced and independent of the machine manufacturers.

We carry out complex development projects in tight teamwork with leading bottlers of brandname products.
For softdrinks, beer, oil, juices, milk or other liquids – whether refillable, non-returnable or hot-fill – we are able to draw on many years of know-how in many different fields.

Laboratory Tests

Well-equipped blowing laboratory

On our blowing machine in our laboratory, we are able to test all mould types and produce sample bottles in the desired quantity.
With high-quality measuring and testing equipment, we conduct the examinations relevant for PET bottles, such as burst tests, measurement of the material distribution, top load etc. Precise records are kept of the results.
Mould Development

Even though blow moulds have not changed much over the past 30 years in respect of their fundamental structure, special requirements frequently call for a re-engineering of the mould design.

To meet this need, leading international bottlers have entered into long-term development partnerships with us. We have also carried out development projects for well-known makers of blowing machines.

Thanks to a special coating technology, we have been able to qualify aluminium with very hard and smooth surfaces as a material for hot-fill moulds offering great durability. The saving in mould weight decreases the wear of the blowing machine and reduces the mould changing times. Furthermore, the easier machining of aluminium allows for considerable cost reductions in making the moulds.

Lead Times

Achieving short lead times reliably

Thanks to our in-house development of the HSC (high speed cutting) manufacturing technology and automation solutions especially tailored to the manufacture of blow mould components, our production runs 7 days a week.

Using dedicated management software, also developed in-house to a certain degree, we control all the projects and always have a good overview of the current status. In this way, we are able to assure you of very short lead times.
Owing to our high capacities for the production of over 6000 blow moulds a year, this also applies to projects with large quantities.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in all phases of production

For every mould component, our production planning department determines all the necessary manufacturing and testing steps, right down to the smallest detail.

The latest measuring equipment, including two high-precision 3D coordinate measuring machines, form the basis for our quality assurance. In the final assembly department, the moulds are subjected to stringent checks. Leak tightness, polish quality, edges and parting lines of the moulds are tested and checked separately. All results are recorded in detail.